Inscriere 2023 - Popescu Maria

Nume și prenume: 
Popescu Maria
Media după primul semestru: 
Media generală: 
Despre tine: 
Am 16 ani si sunt pasionata de limbi străine si arta.
Cantat la pian,chitara si desenat.
Despre mândria de a fi elev al liceului: 
Ma bucur ca am ajuns eleva a acestui liceu deoarece consider ca este unul foarte bun la care copiii au in general rezultate exemplare.
Fapte și comportamente remarcabile: 
Am luat parte la programul Erasmus si la alte proiecte.
Olimpiade școlare: 
Nu am participat la olimpiade.
Competiții sportive: 
Nu am participat la competiții sportive.
Manifestări literar artistice: 
Concursul de creație literară “Povești de iarnă”.
Proiecte de cercetare: 
Proiect Erasmus “Recycling makes the world go round” la Colegiul Național “Dinicu Golescu” în Câmpulung Muscel, România. Proiect Erasmus “Recycling makes the world go round” la “Ratsgymnasium” în Osnabruk , Germania. Participare ca experimentator la “Romanian science festival”. Participare în organizarea evenimentului “Trofeul Câmpulung Muscel”,din cadrul Campionatului Național de Viteză in Coastă.
Situația materială: 
O situație materială bună.
Premiul special: 
Secondary school courses essay Secondary school is an important step in people’s lives and I believe that some courses would be perfectly included because it can make students be more interested in school.Recent research has shown which courses should be involved in secondary curricula. To begin with,I would like to put forward lessons of Ancient Greek and Latin since I find so fascinating learning languages and I think that ancient ones will atract most of the students.Furthermore, it can be a really fun activity because there is so much Latin and Greek literature and for this reason I consider that people should know about them and the authors.Also, taking in view the fact that is a dominant part in history and is demonstrated that knowing these languages can help us to improve our knowledge in learning the romance languages especially when it comes to Latin which is the key in someone’s vocabulary who studies romance speech. Another factor to consider is a computer course. Nowadays, having knowledge when it comes to informatics is the main need in our lives, because, without a doubt almost, everyone runs into it in time. For this reason, especially in the future, it would be a fact to know about computer science. Therefore, I truly believe that in the future without annoying about this can be very tricky.